Text Box:        We, like many Malaysians who chose to live abroad, temporarily or permanently, are proud to still retain the origin of our roots as Malaysians. Although some of us may have acquired citizenship of the adopted country, the characteristics of being a Malaysian remain quite unblemished.
       Come this summer, Lotus Festival 2004, the 27th anniversary of this popular festival that celebrates the people and cultures of Asia and the Pacific Islands, sponsored by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, has selected Malaysia as the country to be featured. 
     This event provides a good opportunity to showcase our unique and distinctly different customs and traditions in the dance, music, arts and of course, our food!
       Our Consulate General and Tourism Malaysia, together with Malaysia Airlines, MIDA, MATRADE, Malaysian Student Department and MASC have been working hard to ensure a good showing to the communities of Text Box: Southern California that hopefully will leave long lasting positive impressions. Singer, dancers and artisans from Malaysia will be arriving to help promote the country.
       As Malaysians living here, you are strongly encouraged to attend this event which promises to be very enjoyable and entertaining. Better yet, you may want to volunteer for the many activities that we are providing and participating in. 
       We hope to hear and see many of you there, all those friendly and smiley Malaysian faces that are quite recognizable, indeed our trademark of spontaneous friendliness and natural goodwill.

CK Lim
MASC President  

Text Box: Message From The President

Presidentís Message


MASC† co-hosts Lotus Festival 2004

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Text Box: Malaysia Association of 
Southern California
Text Box: P.O. Box 81105, San Marino, CA 91118-1105
Text Box: MASC Helps Host Lotus Festival
Text Box:        The City of Los Angeles celebrates the Lotus Festival 2004 at Echo Park, Los Angeles on July 10 & 11, 2004 from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm . 
Malaysia will be the featured country this year and therefore also hosts the event. 
       The Malaysian organizing committee 
comprises of our CG, TM, MAS, MIDA, MSD,
MATRADE and MASC will coordinate with the Lotus Festival Advisory Board to celebrate the event. Some of the proposed attractions are the popular Malaysian singer Khatijah Ibrahim  and the Malaysian National Dance Troupe who will  perform on both days. Many artisans and VIPs from Malaysia are expected to attend. There will be Asian cultural dances and exhibits plus a variety of Asian food and desserts. 
       MASC will play a major role in this year's Lotus Festival.  The Board has agreed to set up a food booth to help promote some of our Malaysian foods  and at the same time raise funds for the club. MASC members will be able to actively participate in the Dragon boat race. 
       WE need volunteers to assist and help:
1) set up and sell food at MASC booth 
2) participate in dragon boat race (8 able ladies

and 8 men needed to man two boats)

3) help design and decorate our Malaysian pavilion and the Lotus Festival center stage

4) volunteer for other services as needed.

†††††† It is going to be a fun filled two-day weekend event showcasing Malaysia and the Consul General is anticipating a successful event and looks forward to an all-out Malaysian participation, especially from MASC members. Last yearís public turnout was more than 150,000. Mark your calendar.

†††††† Visit the official website at www.ci.la.ca.us/rap/grifmet/lotus.htm for more info or contact CK Lim at cklim@mascusa.com or Pek Ean Chong at 562 466 5218 or 626 319 7289