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c1400 -Founding of Melaka by Prince Parameswara

1511 - Melaka conquered by Portuguese. Malay Sultanate re-established in Johor.

1541 - Portuguese rule in Melaka overthrown by Dutch.

1699 - Sultan Mahmud murdered, ending Melakan dynasty.

1786 - Francis Light founds British trading settlement on Penang.

1819 - Thomas Stamford Raffles establishes trading post on Singapore.

1824 - Anglo-Dutch Traty of London confirms Dutch rule in Indonesian archipelago; Britain retains Straits Settlements (Penang,Melaka & Singapore)

1841 - James Brooke becomes first 'White Rajah' of Sarawak.

1881 - Establishment of British North Borneo Company in present-day Sabah.

1895-1900 - Mat Salleh's rebellion in British North Borneo.

1896 - Formation of Federated Malay States (Perak, Pahang, N.Sembilan & Selangor) as British Protectorate, with Kuala Lumpur as its capital.

1909 - Accepted of British Residents by Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan & Terengganu (Unfederated Malay States)

1914 - Johor becomes last state to enter Malay Federation.

1941-45 - Japanese occupation.

1948 - creation of Federation of Malaya and beginning of Malayan Emergency.

1957 - Malaya declared independence.

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Malaysia association of southern california

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Revocation of Dual Citizenship

MALAYSIANS found holding dual citizenship would have their Malaysian citizenship revoked automatically, said Home Affairs Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Ibrahim.
He said those found with dual citizenship would not have the option to choose which citizenship to keep.

He said the penalty is similar for those with two passports.

"To date, we have revoked the citizenship of 5,310 Malaysians for having dual citizenship and also 1,930 Malaysians for having two passports.

"Once we detect Malaysians with dual citizenship or two passports their Malaysian citizenship is automatically revoked. There is no room to negotiate or choose," he said, in reply to Senator Mariah Abdullah.

However, Abdul Rahman said those who had their Malaysian citizenship revoked could apply to the Government to be citizens once again.

"It would be at the sole discretion of the Home Minister to approve their application or to reject it," he said.

Abdul Rahman said the Government detects dual citizenship from reports from Malaysian embassies and consulates overseas, the Immigration Department, Police and also the National Registration Department.

[Articles imported from New Straits Time dated July 30, 2004]

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       Some Malaysian Night Pictures on July 9, 2004 for your viewing pleasure. It was a very successful event held at Quiet Canyon Restaurant in Montebello. 150 guests were present to enjoy an evening of songs from Ms. Khatijah Ibrahim and Zuraini and dances from the K.L. City Hall Dance troupe and performances by Orang Ulu. The Night ended with most guests dancing to Disco music and more. What a blast! Thank you for all your support! MASC has done it again! 

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