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Leads/Organizers/Participants do not take responsibility for any harm, bodily injury, accidents, or damage to personal property. By attending the hike, you confirming that you understand that all outdoor activity such as hiking, backpacking, and trekking have an associated danger, and will not hold any hike lead/organizer, participant or any group associated pet responsible for any hazard to your well-being. Additionally, you will not be allowed to participate with the group if you are not adequately prepared with enough water and the right gear/equipment/nutrition essential to complete the hike. You are fully responsible for yourself.

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How to make changes after submission.
You can make changes after your submission by re-submit.  For example, if you have submitted 5 attendance (plus yourself). Later 2 more of your guesses decided join you. You can then do re-submit with your name and email as usual but type in "2" in the attendance's field. This wil automatically calculated in the Total Attendance as 7. Or if your 2 guesses decided not to join then type in "-2" this will give a total attendance as 3. Or type "-5" if you want to cancel the hiking. What ever you do during re-submittion always remember to provide notes in the note field.
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