Schedule of the Events for 2019

Sat, 16 Feburary
Event: Chinese New Year.
Chairperson: Stephen Loi 
Co-Chair: Wee Tee Loh      
Sat, 23 March

Makan 2

Event: Makan 2
Chairperson: Les Henson 
Co-Chair: David Leong         
Event: Spring Picnic
Chairperson: Stephen Loi
Co-Chair: Jenny Yan Barkley      
Sat, 18 May   4 Days Bus Tour
Lake Tahoe, Monterey and Yosemite
Event: Bus Tour (Subject to Change)
Chairperson: Mimi Lioe
Co-Chair: David Leong
Sat, 22 June
Event: Lunch/Business network
Chairperson: Virginia Ko
Co-Chair: Stephen Loi 
Sat, 27 July
Event: Hiking
Chairperson: Virginia Ko
Co-Chair: Jenny Barkley        
Sat, 24 August
 Merdeka Day Celebration 
Chairperson: Lee Meach 
Co-Chair: Mimi Lioe 
Sat, 21 September
Event: AGM/Lantern Festival Picnic,
Live Oak Park Temple City
Chairperson: Wee Tee Loh
Co-Chair: Lee Meach
Thurs, 28 November
Event:  Thanksgiving
Chairperson:Wee Tee Loh
Co-Chair: Mimi Lioe     
Sat, 21 December
Event: Christmas Potluck
Chairperson: Les Henson 
Co-Chair: Lee Meach 
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